//GEOVITAL Pro Dowsing Rod, plastic

GEOVITAL Pro Dowsing Rod, plastic

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In order to achieve the end goal of "healthier sleep", various changes in the bedroom are usually necessary.
The question is which changed. This is why we offer the service of a geobiological assessment.
This enables a targeted mitigation and avoids unnecessary costs. After this assessment
you receive the status ‘patient’ in our system, which gives you a significant price advantage
in the online shop. Further information on patient prices go to Patient Pricing .
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Professional dowsing rod

Many professionals do not use copper dowsing rods and the plastic pro rod is preferred to eliminate interference of the body’s electrical changed within the hands.

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GEOVITAL Pro dowsing rod

Replacement Pro-rod dowsing rod for professional geobiological assessments of geopathic stress.

Within German and Austrian professional dowsers circles, the message is clear. Professionals use a plastic or non-metal rod. When the body comes under stress an electric reaction in the hands would have an effect on copper rods which cannot be turned of. This can interfere with you findings when looking for something other than what caused the reaction.

Training will be needed to learn to use this. GEOVITAL offers courses (see videos below) in a few locations in the world. Learn more about our courses here.

For marking of geopathic stress locations, consider our coloured rulers.






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