///PHYSIOLOGA Therapy Mattress with Stretch-Effect

PHYSIOLOGA Therapy Mattress with Stretch-Effect

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In order to achieve the end goal of "healthier sleep", various changes in the bedroom are usually necessary.
The question is which changed. This is why we offer the service of a geobiological assessment.
This enables a targeted mitigation and avoids unnecessary costs. After this assessment
you receive the status ‘patient’ in our system, which gives you a significant price advantage
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The Physiotherapy mattress against back problems.

Patented Stretch-Effect against back pain. Odd sizing and special shape requests are possible. Just ask us before ordering.


PHYSIOLOGA Therapy Mattress with Stretch-Effect – The mattress that does something with you…

What would it be like, if you had your own physiotherapist working on you for 8 hours a day… and during, you would be allowed to sleep?

PHYSIOLOGA Therapy mattress with stretch-effect is aimed at the relief and prevention of back pain.

Your body weight makes the the slanted panels fold over in opposite directions. As a result, there is an increase of the surface area and a gentle traction is applied to you in direct correlation to your body weight. The aim is, to lower the pressure of the spine into the negative. Depending on body weight a traction of typically 0.8kg to 1kg is created.

No less than 42 support zones that think with you…

The optimal support and comfort is created due to the slanted panels adapting to your body contours and pressure conditions, whilst at the same time generating a relief giving traction.
Due to our overwhelming success with our body customised mattresses, we have adapted the PHYSIOLOGA Therapy foam core material of this mattress so that is adapts to the sleeper’s shape in a few months. This can be quite impressive when the user looks at the feet end for example and can recognise where points of relief and support have formed.

The end result is not quite as exceptional as with the real body-customised Komfort mattress… but it gets very close. The Therapy was our initial success story from over 25 year ago and it has been delighting sleepers ever since.

Therapie Stretch-Effect Mattress – Developed for support with

  • Disc problems
  • Chronic ailments
  • Skin diseases and allergies
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sciatica
  • Joint problems
  • Cariovascular issues

GEOVITAL – intelligent bed systems with holistic health restoration as the aim

The comfortable mattress for pain-relieving sleep and automatic back therapy included.

Supportive within radiation protection

The core material is specially developed for use within an approach to reduce electronic pollution.

Back therapy included

Promotes nerve and disc regeneration, excellently suited as an intervertebral disc mattress.
Different degrees of hardness, depending on weight – soft / standard / hard

Optimum climate control and hygiene

  • Automatic climate zone with fresh air ventilation due to high air permeability
  • High air exchange which creates an environment inhospitable to mold (not impossible), through high quality Tencel material


PHYSIOLOGA label and care instructions

PHYSIOLOGA label and care instructions

Only the BEST MATERIALS for the PHYSIOLOGA® Therapy Mattresses

  • Biologically neutral materials
  • Appropriate materials in an approach against the effects of radio frequency transmissions and radiation from electrical wiring
  • Climate support with lots of fresh air moving through the mattress
  • High air permeability to oxygenate the skin and to reduce the chances that your mattress becomes a haven for bacteria, dust mites and other unwanted invaders
  • Antistatic and electrically neutral
  • Cover made from high grade TENCEL
  • Dermatologically tested, also suitable for allergy sufferers

Our mattresses should be combined with our pillows, otherwise especially in regards to intolerances, all our efforts in that regard, may not benefit you.


Weight N/A
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Size AU

107×203, 137×187, 152×203, 183×203, 90×190, 93×187, 93×203


Hard (> 100 kg), Medium (50-100 kg)

3 reviews for PHYSIOLOGA Therapy Mattress with Stretch-Effect

  1. Harri Welti


    …kann man nicht beschreiben – muss man erlebt haben!

  2. Pfarrer Hehle

    Pfarrer Herbert Hehle

    Vielen Dank für die tolle Arbeit zu Hause. Nach dem Abschirmen des Schlafzimmers geht es mir schon wesentlich besser. Die Kopfschmerzen sind weg und ich wieder durchschlafen.
    Die körpergeformte Matratze ist ein Traum! Man schläft wirklich “himmlisch”… und ich habe keine Rückenschmerzen mehr.

    Ich werde gerne meinen leidgeplagten Schäflein davon berichten und die Leute zu Euch schicken.

  3. Monika H.

    Liebes Physiologa Team,

    ziemlich schnell nach Ihrer Untersuchung kam ich zu Ihnen und kaufte Abschirmfarbe, Matratze, usw.

    Nun heute kann ich Ihnen mitteilen, dass in der letzten Woche die Renovierung meines Schlafzimmers stattgefunden hat: Abschirmfarbe, erden mit Ihrem Band, weiss streichen mit Polarweiss von schöner Wohnen – es hat alles hervorragend geklappt und ich danke hier für Ihre entsprechenden Informationen –

    Das Gewebe habe ich mit entsprechendem Draht ausgestattet und geerdet, und heute wurde mein Holzbett fertig, das ich im Nebenort abgeholt und schon gleich aufgebaut habe. Zwischenzeitlich habe ich bereits auf Ihrer Matratze geschlafen, abgeschirmt und bereits zu diesem Zeitpunkt stellte ich eine deutliche Verbesserung meiner Wirbelsäule und allen anderen Dingen fest.

    Ich hatte versprochen, Ihnen meinen Zustandsbericht zu übermitteln.

    Ihnen vielen Dank und liebe Grüße, auch an Ihre Mitarbeiter

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