///PHYSIOLOGA KOMFORT – The Body Customised Mattress

PHYSIOLOGA KOMFORT – The Body Customised Mattress

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In order to achieve the end goal of "healthier sleep", various changes in the bedroom are usually necessary.
The question is which changed. This is why we offer the service of a geobiological assessment.
This enables a targeted mitigation and avoids unnecessary costs. After this assessment
you receive the status ‘patient’ in our system, which gives you a significant price advantage
in the online shop. Further information on patient prices go to Patient Pricing .
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The KOMFORT mattress with strectch-effect will be tailored to you!

Patented stretch-effect against back pain. Odd sizing, special shape requests and personal adjustments are possible. Just ask us before ordering.

Made in Austria upon ordering. Delivery: approx. 5 – 6 weeks


PHYSIOLOGA Komfort Mattress – Body customised to the individual with stretch-effect

PHYSIOLOGA Komfort Mattress with tailor-made to personal body measurements

The PHYSIOLOGA Komfort Mattress offers the highest level of sleep comfort. Talking into consideration sleeping habits, scolioses, and body shape. Optimal body adaptation on both sides of the mattress through 42 support zones for back and side sleeping. One side is equipped with the additional Stretch-Effect feature to reduce tension in the spine by means of a simple but clever conversion of body weight to gentle traction. Special shoulder and heel indentations based on personal body measurements, lower the pressure on the heart, lungs, circulation, and sick feet. Physiologa® Komfort has therefore also a supportive role in soothing joint problems as well as heart and circulatory issues.

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Special head-, shoulder-, bottom- and ankle indentations in the core of the mattress are incorporated based on your individual body measurements

Special head-, shoulder-, bottom- and ankle indentations in the core of the mattress are incorporated based on your individual body measurements


Orthopedically individualised – two mattresses in one

On the basis of your personal body measurements, we create a mattress specially tailored to you and your body. Our special process, which is protected by 5 patents, transfers your body profile to the mattress in 3 dimensions.

  • Side 1: Experience 100% of the 3D-body customisation
  • Side 2: Personal Stretch-Effect side – Experience about 50% of the body shaping
  • 42 Support Zones (each slat adjusts to you)
  • Relieving pressure where it should (eg. shoulder indentation, heel indentation, etc.)
  • Support where it is needed (eg. Thoracic area for better ventilation of the lungs, lumbar support, etc.)
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Maximum comfort (similar to a water bed, without its disadvantages)
  • Shaped according to the golden ratio (suitable for back and side sleeper)
  • Antistatic / electrically neutral
  • Highest air permeability in its class


The highest sleeping comfort on the PHYSIOLOGA Komfort mattress

The highest sleeping comfort on the PHYSIOLOGA Komfort mattress


Etikett der PHYSIOLOGA Matratze

Only the BEST MATERIALS for the PHYSIOLOGA® Therapy Mattresses

  • Biologically neutral materials
  • Appropriate materials in an approach against the effects of radiofrequency transmissions and radiation from electrical wiring
  • Climate support with lots of fresh air moving through the mattress
  • High air permeability oxygenate the skin and reduce the chances that your mattress becomes a haven for bacteria, dust mites, and other unwanted invaders
  • Antistatic and electrically neutral
  • Cover made from high-grade TENCEL
  • Dermatologically tested, also suitable for allergy sufferers

Our mattresses should be combined with our pillows, otherwise, especially in regards to intolerances, all our efforts in that regard, may not benefit you.


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107×203, 137×187, 152×203, 183×203, 93×187, 93×203


Hard (> 100 kg), Medium (50-100 kg), Soft (up to 50 kg)


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