Mobile Phone Pouch with RF Shielding – Red

///Mobile Phone Pouch with RF Shielding – Red

Mobile Phone Pouch with RF Shielding – Red

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Shielded phone pouch ‘Fashion’ in green – New, cool and elegant… a real head-turner!

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Geovital mobile phone radiation pouch

The GEOVITAL ‘Fashion’ mobile phone radiation protection pouch is made of extra soft, very durable suede-like surface material.
It feels good and looks great.
The perfect mobile phone case for trendy people.

How does a GEOVITAL mobile phone shielding pouch keep you safe?

This radiation protection case in RED prevents high-frequency mobile radiation of the smartphone from directly hitting your head. At the same time, it protects the mobile phone from scratches and damage.

A dense shielding fabric inside the phone pocket blocks the RF radiation from the phone. This works through specially made fabric with threads of pure silver. Very similar to the shielding fabric we use to create healthy bedrooms. This gives it the ability to shield electromagnetic radio frequency (RF) radiation. With a special manufacturing process, this silver thread is incorporated into a fabric.

The shielding fabric has shielding effectiveness of well over 95% against RF radiation.

The negative impact of radiofrequency radiation, which occurs when carrying a mobile phone on the body, are minimised by the mobile phone pouch when the shielded fabric side of the pouch is positioned between the body and the phone. This needed when you carry the phone in your pocket but is especially important when telephoning and the phone is placed near the head! Phones to produce magnetic fields as well and those can’t be shielded against, so speakerphone is always better. – Protect yourself and your children by taking precautions.

For information on the health effects of mobile phone radiation, go here.

What size mobile phone shielding pouch do I need?

Both pockets of the pouch can only take a special size phone. Thus, it all depends on how big your smartphone is and how big a protective case you may already have around it and wish to keep around it. It is mainly about the width and thickness of the mobile phone and not about the diagonal display size.
If you wish to continue to use a protective case you have, it is also important if it is made of smooth plastic or a slip-resistant rubber-type material. Depending on this, one tight fit is ok, or could cause too much resistance.
It’s best to measure at home, add the width of your phone and the thickness, including a case you’d possibly intend to leave on, and choose the inside size of the mobile phone pocket that you think would fit best.

Easy to use phone protection

The mobile phone pocket contains two pockets.

Front pocket – one-sided protection with double shielding! – for everyday use – full reception and accessibility
Rear pocket – complete protection – complete shielding to Faraday – no reception*

The front pocket is for everyday use. Here we have double protection (two layers shielding fabric) on one side of the phone. On the other side you have normal fabric without shielding fabric. The phone is therefor able to maintain its reception, while blocking RF radiation on the other side. The phone shielding pouch thus acts like a radar reflector – it sends the radiation away from the body.

This is particularly beneficial when you are on the phone with the mobile phone pouch, because you can now hold this barrier between the head and smartphone. The sound from your speaker will still go through.

Tip: Turn the phone and slide it in the bag with the speaker first. This ensures that the speaker is on the correct side and the microphone is more free near the opening of the pouch.
Please make sure that during this handling the phone does not slip out and fall to the floor.

To understand and see that the shielding works, you can push the phone into the fully shielded compartment. If the top is held closed, the network reception is very likely interrupted. Call yourself … and you will see that it does not ring and the voicemail answers. Very impressive with friends and relatives. – Do keep in mind that when 4G is used, which is smaller and more powerful, the phones are sometimes still able to receive a signal inside the shielded compartment when you are in an area where the signals from outside are particularly strong. Shielding is about reduction. Your shielding still works very well, it is just not enough in those rare situations, to block enough to disrupt the connection 100%.
Once the phone is removed, the reception is restored within 20 seconds.

Increased battery consumption in case of wrong use

Especially smartphones automatically detect bad reception and automatically increase the transmission power. For this the phone needs more battery power, which inevitably empties the battery quicker. This can happen in standby mode or when apps are updating in the background.
Therefore use the rear fully shielded compartment of the mobile phone pocket only for a short time, eg. at the doctor waiting room. For longer periods, we recommend activating flight mode from the phone or switching off the device.


How to use a mobile phone radiation shielding pouch correctly.

How to use a mobile phone radiation shielding pouch correctly.


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