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Geovital Grounding Tape for Shielding Paint

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Grounding tape for shielding paint. To be placed between layers of shielding paint and routed to a connection to ground. Connection should be done by a qualified electrician.


A unique grounding tape that doesn’t bubble up like fibre based tape does

Grounding tape is essential when using shielding paint in order to create a Faraday cage. Grounding tape is used to connect to the highly conductive painted surfaces and connect them to ground in a power socket or metal piping of the heating system. GEOVITAL has a unique, well thought out, tape for this purpose.

Grounding example of a T98 shielded room

Grounding example of a T98 shielded room

Grounding with Grounding Tape

Depending on local regulations and insurance requirements, all surfaces must be grounded by a qualified electrician.

Application of Grounding Tape

Grounding tape is ideally directly applied to the wall after the first coat of T98 shielding paint has been applied and has dried. During application of the second layer of shielding paint, the grounding tape is also over painted. As soon as it is dry it should be connected to ground by the electrician.

Grounding tape being applied on the way to a power socket

Grounding tape being applied on the way to a power socket


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