///Geovital 2.5GHz Lowpass filter

Geovital 2.5GHz Lowpass filter

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Zur Messung nach Hengstenberg

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Change the functionality of the HF Field Probe back into that of the old  Hengstenberg Digimeters

Lowpass filter to reduce frequency range to 2.5GHz maximum.

The new GEOVITAL HF Field Probe was designed for a functionality up to 8GHz.
Many long-term professionals have experience with the old EMF meter called the Hengstenberg device. This meter is no longer available and this prompted the development of the HF Field Probe. By use of this 2.5 GHz lowpass filter, the abilities of the HF Field Probe can be scaled down to the abilities of the Hengstenberg device. Read more about this on the product page of the HF Field Probe.

This ability is valuable for those well experiences environmental medicine practitioners that relate their work and recommendations to the experiences with the old meter. The lowpass filter enables you to create a transition period where values up to 2.5GHz can be compared to values up to 8GHz in a matter of moments.

SMA –Gold plates connection