///EM and HF Field Probe Set with Carry Case

EM and HF Field Probe Set with Carry Case

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In order to achieve the end goal of "healthier sleep", various changes in the bedroom are usually necessary.
The question is which changed. This is why we offer the service of a geobiological assessment.
This enables a targeted mitigation and avoids unnecessary costs. After this assessment
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The professional EMF meter kit: The EM Field Probe EMF meter and the HF Field Probe RF meter in a complementary custom carry case to keep your instruments complete and safe. Be a professional.


Product information

EMF Meter kit with a medical interest

With this professional EMF meter kit comprising of the EM Field Probe and HF Field Probe, kept safe in this custom carry case, you are well equipped to assess the burden of EMF on the body in a professional manner. The set is complete with all the antennas, cables and chargers. The complementary case keeps you organised, looking professional and protects your investment on the job and in transit.

The EM Field Probe is for low frequency electric and magnetic field assessment. The HF Field Probe covers the assessment of radio frequency (RF) radiation from transmitters. Both have in common that the body can be assessed for electric fields and RF radiation, not the air. A distinction valued by many Geobiologist as well as Building Biologists. This is an EMF meter kit to be proud of.

Watch a video of the HF Field Probe confirming the success of shielding in a new build hemp home

This makes assessing EMF fun!

This set contains:

1x HF Field Probe RF meter

  • 4 GHz Antenna, 8 GHz Antenna, 2,5 GHz filter

1x EM Field Probe EMF meter

  • Electric field contact antenna, Magnetic field spool, 5m grounding cable with alligator clip
  • 2x charger (one for each meter)
  • 2x charger cable
  • 1x carry case


For a lot more detailed information on both these EMF meters, visit their individual pages: EM Field Probe – HF Field Probe,

NOTE: Returns are not accepted on this item. When you buy your meters, you would like to know that they are indeed new and nobody has treated them badly before you. For this reason, we feel it is unfair to take instrumentation back after it has been out of our control. If you are unsure if this purchase is right for you, then please speak with us first.


Learn how to use the HF Field Probe

Learn more about the EM Field Probe


Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 27 × 8 cm